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Grocery prices keep rising despite inflation reduction program

As an indication of just how well Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Program” is working, take a look at my grocery bill for a recent week and notice a few of the prices: Bacon - $10.99 a pound; a bag of 7 apples - $8.79; a carton of milk - $6.23; a bottle of brand-name mouthwash - $8.39; a carton of eggs - $4.69 and a bag of chips - $5.50.

And these prices are up from a week ago!

For all those “intellectual” individuals who voted for Biden, I hope you are enjoying these prices as you are basically the ones to blame for his reckless spending sending inflation out of sight with seemingly no relief in sight regardless of his excuses of all his reasons for the inflation and not to mention the horrific damage he has caused on the stock market, erasing a lot of our savings.

Well done, Joe! I hope your voters are happy with the results.


Make all political candidates prove competency

It’s that time of year when I start going crazy for my college basketball team. When I was in school, the players were expected to study and pass their tests.

We’re also in election season, heading into overtime with a U.S. Senate race runoff. It’s time for a radical idea: Anyone running for national or statewide office should be required to pass a standard competency test, demonstrating knowledge of civics and government, with an essay portion that candidates would take while referees watch and cameras record.

Fail the test and you’re off the ballot.

Too many candidates are group thinkers, celebrity loudmouths or party-line cut-and-pasters. Politics is not just another sport.

If it is, we all end up losers.