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We must demand fair maps during redistricting

The good news is: The census is complete and our population numbers are coming out. The possibly not-so-good news is that it’s time for redrawing our legislative districts and we could gain or lose representation.

The Georgia legislature controls the redistricting process so whoever is in power can choose their voters (called gerrymandering): this is not what our constitution means when it guarantees one person one vote. The process is often done in secret and then presented to the public. But if we citizens speak up early - right now - to give our input on fair maps, we have a greater chance of limiting the biased gerrymandering. Ask for maps based on community input, logical geographic lines (not political boundaries) and independent non-partisan guidelines or oversight. Remember: we live with these maps for 10 years!


Another commission to probe Jan. 6 riot is not needed

We do not need another Jan. 6 commission or investigation.

So far, this Jan 6 occurrence has been investigated more that the 9/11 attack on our country. Several letter-writers criticized Republicans for opposing still another investigation. The House has had multiple investigations and there are still two active Senate investigations. I laugh at those who say the proposed commission is “bipartisan” because the committee chairman is a Democrat deciding on who would or would not be witnesses, and the hand-picked Republican members are known Trump-haters. What could go wrong with this “kangaroo court?”

Isn’t it amusing that Democrats refuse to investigate the BLM, Antifa and the massive rioting and destruction in many of our cities but the Jan 6 rioters are being individually identified and “run to earth?”


Does religion really lead to better morals?

The letter-writer of “Lack of morals to blame for societal ills,” June 2, complains about all the things he thinks are wrong with our society, and blames it all on our lack of “religion.”

Oddly, the writer does not specify which religion would resolve all of our problems. Was he referring to Hinduism? Islam?

Apparently, he wants all of us to conform to his interpretation of his (unspecified) religion. He states that the “why” of morality “is learned at the basic level in religion.” Unfortunately, “Because I say God says so” is an utterly insufficient answer to any moral “why” question.


Driving culture in Atlanta needs to change

The letter-writer of “Anarchy seems to reign on Atlanta roads,” Readers Write, June 3, hit the nail on the head regarding the lawlessness on Atlanta’s roads.

There is a wild west driving culture that’s been allowed to run rampant that simply doesn’t exist in other major cities. It’s not that these dangerous drivers don’t care if they’re pulled over. It’s that they’re not being pulled over to begin with. We need more police presence on our roads and especially highways to crack down on this unacceptable driving behavior so the message is clearly understood that recklessly endangering others will not be tolerated. Until we change the driving culture in Atlanta, people will continue to be harmed.


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