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Loeffler, Perdue may have doomed re-election chances

By continuing the strife and attacking Georgia’s election system and Secretary of State Raffensperger, senators Perdue and Loeffler have surely doomed their chances of being re-elected. Instead of accusations, they should tell us what good they could do for Georgia and our nation. We are all fed up and tired with all the negativity of the last months and want it to stop.


Ga. in position to help divided nation heal in January

As Georgians prepare for two senatorial run-offs, a frequent complaint from both sides is the “gridlock” in Washington. If either Senate incumbent is returned to Washington, Mitch McConnell controls legislation, cabinet appointments, and judicial confirmations. Maybe giving Biden a couple of senators who will not block everything he proposes gives a chance for compromise and getting something done. Biden will not expand the Supreme Court, nor will he approve eliminating the filibuster. Maybe this will begin the healing process. JOHN WILHELM, TUCKER

Moderate voter now questions Ga. senators' integrity

I was shocked and angry when I read about the accusations by senators Loeffler and Perdue against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for his handling of the Georgia election, and their calls for his resignation. I may be one of the few swing voters left in this state, being a political moderate. I can’t believe Loeffler and Perdue would throw away potential votes in the January runoffs by baselessly attacking what so many people have worked so hard to provide – a fair and accessible election for Georgians. What do they want Raffensperger to do – conjure up some votes to throw the election to Mr. Trump? Shame on them for impugning our democratic institutions to “stir up” their base. It is a short-sighted political ploy that makes me question their integrity and commitment to the democratic principles of Georgia and the United States.


Drug war puts brave police officers in dangerous spot

The drug war needs to end. If the AJC investigated, it would likely find most of the violence is drug war-related. The police are doing the job they were given. You may not like the way they do it, but do not blame them for doing their highly dangerous job. Either make drugs legal, or let the government compete with the drug lords by taking confiscated drugs and giving them free to drug addicts in a special recovery program. If drugs are free or legal, there is no reason for drug lords to exist. They cannot compete with free. This is the way to end most of the violence and social injustice. Not all of it, I am sorry to say, but it would be a start.


AJC Opinion page should recognize the middle, too

While I appreciate the attempt to represent national opinions from the left and right in the Sunday paper, in doing so, the editorial page has sacrificed an important – and perhaps the most widely held – perspective, that of the middle! Now that we’re past the divisiveness of the 2020 presidential election (though I understand the upcoming Senate runoffs may delay this transition in Georgia), I would love to see a new regular feature from a moderate’s point of view, focused on identifying common ground and solutions rather than division. “Balance” involves more than simply reporting sound bites and rhetoric from both extremes of the political spectrum.