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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Cameras also needed on freeways to stop speeders

I read in The AJC recently of cameras being placed near some Gwinnett County schools to cite speeders.

Whenever I get on the interstate freeways in metro Atlanta, it feels like my life is at risk. It is shocking how frequently I see drivers careening through traffic at dangerous speeds, often far above the speed limit.

And I almost never see police officers. There are actually too many of these “speed racers” for the police to keep up with. Cameras should be placed at points along metro freeways so these individuals will be fined.

Repeat offenders should lose their licenses and have their cars confiscated. They are endangering the lives of others.


Hoping Republicans sit out 2024 election

I sort of understand how so many Republicans feel about the 2020 election, but not really.

I was surprised that Joe Biden took Georgia in 2020 in spite of all the gerrymandering and poll closings that happened during Brian Kemp’s tenure as secretary of state. His white privilege allowed him to run for governor without recusing himself from that office. Imagine if a Black Democrat had tried that and won the governorship. The sad part is that Brian Kemp doesn’t know what white privilege is.

I think Biden won Georgia because so many Republicans chose not to vote because their candidate conned them into thinking that the election was rigged. Talk about backfiring.

For the sake of our country, let’s hope Republicans stay home again. Republicans refuse to acknowledge the good that Biden has done. Do your research and you will see what he has done. Don’t count on the right-wing fake media.

Joe Biden may be old, but he is wise and works for the good of everyone, unlike the other candidate who only thinks of himself.