9/21 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Recent flooding calls attention to city’s infrastructure needs

With ideas floating around, such as capping the I-85/I-75 corridor separating west Atlanta from midtown Atlanta and building miniature cities for public safety personnel training, I hope that the recent rainfall brings light to the city’s basic infrastructure needs.

Is there any councilperson talking about the basic duties all U.S. cities are supposed to supply to their citizens? We need a back-to-basics moment in city hall. Let’s start talking about a modern and efficient drainage and water runoff system, an efficient road repair/upgrade schedule and citizen-centered zoning.

Can we master the basic needs of the city before trying our hand at pet projects? What are new bike lanes and larger pedestrian spaces if the entire street is underwater?


Trump’s narcissism more disturbing than Biden’s age

I am a retired licensed professional counselor, and I am disturbed by the reader letter with the psychologist’s diagnosis (in absentia, supposedly, since she didn’t mention having met President Biden for the diagnosis) of the president’s dementia.

I am disturbed by more than Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder (according to the writer’s statement). In fact, I have quite a list.

And if Trump should win the 2024 election, he will be 78, almost as old as President Biden is now.


Trump followers part of ‘cult of personality’

It’s amazing to see the number of letters to The AJC from the gullible folks who think Donald Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

While Joe Biden is not my first choice to be president, he’s a lot better than the megalomaniac Trump who wants to be dictator for as long as he lives. Trump supporters think of Trump as many in China think of Mao Zedong and as many in North Korea think of the Kim family — a cult of personality.