6/8 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Site selection for training center still unclear

I would prefer that my Atlanta City Council members had voted “nay” on the proposed training center, but perhaps they know something I do not know about why a “nay” vote was not possible.

There has to be some reason for the city to have signed on to this project in the first place. I have to assume that it was the only way the city would get something that was very much needed. I do not think anyone disputes the need. But the site? Yes, so much reason to dispute the site.

There is no indication I’ve seen that the departments of city planning and development considered appropriate sites for such a project. If it had, this site would not have come up.

But who knows? Perhaps it was the only choice for some reason. Why doesn’t someone just tell us what that reason is? Why doesn’t someone tell us the truth?


Lawmakers need to stay out of medical decisions

Some states are passing laws that restrict sound medical practice. Whether it is the banning of abortions, outlawing homosexuality, treatment of transgender individuals, or restricting the use of medical marijuana, the legislatures of these states have decided that their religious beliefs and Bible interpretations are more sound than science and medical training.

For instance, banning the treatment of transgender conditions seems to be based on the idea that God cannot make this kind of mistake and that this type of treatment is another form of child abuse. So, I guess the next logical step is to ban the treatment of babies born with heart defects or any of the many other “unnatural” variations that occur in human reproduction. For surely these, too, are evil.

Better yet, why not just ban the practice of medicine altogether since they seem to believe that they know more than the medical community? It is time for the politicians to step out of the doctor’s office and let these professionals do their job.