12/8 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Georgia DHS commissioner should be replaced

Regarding Sunday’s heartbreaking story on the AJC investigation of Georgia’s child welfare agency, I did a quick internet search of Department of Human Services Commissioner Candice Broce to see if I could learn her qualification for her position. What I found was no prior human services experience but instead COO in the Governor’s Office, communications director and chief deputy executive counsel for Gov. Brian Kemp and legal counsel for elections and legislative affairs for Secretary of State Kemp. In other words, her current position is a political reward for loyalty to Gov. Kemp.

In my opinion, the only way to begin to rectify this situation is to replace Ms. Broce with a professional in health and human services and take some of our excess funds that the governor loves to brag about and actually pay social workers and staff fair compensation for the heartbreaking, stressful work they do each day. Fair pay and respect for the job done is the only way to retain competent staff.


Kemp backed Walker because of party, not qualifications

Does it seem strange to everyone that of all the stalwart GOP politicians in Georgia, the only one with any sense of honor and integrity is Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan?

Our governor, only one month reelected to the position, was openly giving aid and comfort to a clown act candidate for Senate because he is a Republican and not because he is capable and worthy of the Senate seat.

That is truly what is wrong with politics today. We vote for the letter behind the name, not the quality and qualifications of the person running.

I voted for Gov. Brian Kemp -- not because I like his stance on most things, in fact, I think he royally screwed up Georgia’s COVID response, but because I could not vote for Abrams.

I care about qualifications. And if I had had an inkling that Kemp was such a huge hypocrite and “my party, right or wrong” kind of guy, I would have voted for the 3rd-party candidate.