12/7 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Early voting went smoothly, thanks to Georgia poll workers

Thank you, poll workers! With much of the world watching the Georgia runoff, the poll workers I saw in early voting instilled confidence in our system, which is essential. Despite record turnouts and a shortened early voting window, poll workers made things work smoothly. They inspired confidence by asking, “Is that the person you voted for below the QR code? (Yes!) If so, then please enter your ballot here. See, it says your ballot is cast, and the counter went up one vote.”

Thank you, poll workers, for making our system work.


Four weeks for runoff election is not enough time

As an older resident, I signed up for an absentee ballot for all the elections this year.

The My Voter Page showed my ballot for the runoff election was issued on Nov. 21, 2022. However, when I received it on December 1, the postmark on the envelope was November 28.

When I filled it out immediately and took it to a dropbox in Cobb County at the government center, others asked about not receiving their absentee ballots. To top it off, one of the election workers said that you couldn’t return an absentee ballot on the day of the election to your normal voting location!

Moving this runoff to a four-week timespan has not worked for Cobb County and, I imagine, other counties. There is no excuse for ballots to be mailed so late that they can’t be returned! Also, consider our military and students who have to vote absentee.

Georgia needs to stop trying to keep Georgians from voting and make it so we can all cast our ballots!