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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Politics aside, inquiry into Georgia DHS is needed

When a person runs for public office, they make promises that reveal what issues are most important to them. Once elected and in office, the person can be labeled a “politician,” a word from the Greek “polis,” an ideal city-state.

Every speech, decision and vote is automatically political. Yet nowadays, “political” is, at best, an accusation; at worst, a slur.

Both parties are filled with politicians making political decisions. Isn’t that their job? Many decisions follow a party’s lines.

The AJC reports that Sen. Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, was accused of playing politics by investigating the Georgia DHS. Is it a surprise that DHS director Candice Broce is a friend of Gov. Brian Kemp? Or more surprising still that Ossoff’s investigation had a co-leader, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican?

Thank the Lord that the inquiry is so bipartisan, so needed and so “political.” And the kids whose well-being is being investigated can’t even vote yet.


Congress should follow Biden’s lead on AI security

President Biden has issued an executive order requiring transparency from developers of the most powerful AI systems.

He has taken an aggressive strategy to do everything on all fronts to harness the benefits of AI and mitigate the risks. Companies developing AI models that pose serious risks to public health and safety, the economy or national security will have to notify the federal government when training the model and share the results of safety tests before making models public.

Beyond safety and security, the government will prioritize the development of privacy tools using cutting-edge AI systems. In addition, technical assistance and resources will be provided to small developers and entrepreneurs to commercialize AI.

The Biden administration recognizes executive orders can’t replace legislation and continues to call on Congress to pass a law governing AI safety.

With MAGA politicians at the helm more interested in dysfunction and ensuring that government doesn’t work, nothing is likely to happen until voters in 2024 give them the boot.