11/19 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

House Speaker shows willingness to defy hard-line Republicans

A recent letter writer continues to think that the new Republican U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson “has earned ‘extremist’ reputation” (Readers Write, Nov. 15) and goes on to ask, “Need I say more?”

Well, yes, it seems that you indeed do need to say more. In that same day’s AJC, a lengthy news story is headlined “Speaker reaches across aisle to avoid shutdown.” “The bipartisan tally, 336-95, showed Johnson’s willingness to leave his right-flank Republicans behind and work with Democrats to temporarily keep government running … .”

That, Mr. Writer, is the exact opposite of extremist. Need I say more?


Give caregivers a break so they can care for themselves

I’m proud to be one of 343,000 Georgians classified as a caregiver -- someone who looks after someone else because they need help taking care of themselves. Did you know that 35% (120,000) of caregivers give unpaid care for over 40-plus hours a week? It’s hard work to find the power to dig deep down daily to find the courage and strength to continue even though your heart is breaking while undergoing financial, physical and emotional strain.

We need assistance to do, I don’t know, the normal things like going to the store, simply reading a book or just taking a deep breath. We need better access to respite care. Respite care is substituting care and giving caregivers like me a rescue.

Please contact your state lawmakers and tell them we need support. Thank you.


Georgians deserve aggressive response to climate change

The AJC reports that Georgia is at highest risk from climate change. Yet Georgia Power wants to build more gas-powered plants spewing carbon pollution. It gives lip service to renewable sources of energy. They block the largest incentive for increasing home rooftop solar by capping net metering at 5,000 homes.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) defends cost overruns at Plant Vogtle. At a cost of $35 billion, it’s the most expensive power plant in world history. The PSC approves above-average profits for a power company that drags its feet on swiftly moving to sustainable energy.

Gov. Brian Kemp refuses to embrace the words “climate change.” How can Georgians be inspired to an aggressive response when our leaders’ words don’t reflect the severity of the problem? We, the people, can help. Contact Gov. Kemp, senators Warnock and Ossoff and your congressional representative. Electrify anything that’s gas-powered, like stoves, HVAC and personal vehicles. It’s up to us to adequately address our climate risk.


Clean energy subsidies are well-justified

The recent letter opposing government subsidies for clean energy could hardly be more out of step with alarming facts just reported in the National Climate Assessment. The fifth such report mandated by Congress describes menacing damages in the hundreds of billions annually being caused by burning fossil fuels, warning of far worse outcomes if heat-trapping emissions are not decisively and rapidly reduced. Clearly, government subsidies for clean energy are amply justified because this thoroughly documented scientific evidence demonstrates the imperative need for a speedy transition away from fossil fuels.

Moreover, Big Oil remains the most extravagantly and continuously subsidized industry in the world. Completely omitted from the statement opposing clean energy subsidies was any acknowledgment of the billions yearly in U.S. subsidies awarded to the fossil fuel industry. The writer opposing clean energy supports asserted that such decisions should be “market-driven” yet ignored the enormous subsidies supporting the destructive consequences of using fossil fuels, which remain a notorious, reckless subversion of “free markets” that’s routinely ignored.