World’s 2nd deadliest snake found nesting behind mom’s fridge

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The thought of finding a snake in your house is scary, but having the world’s second deadliest snake in your kitchen is a nightmare no one should endure.

Unfortunately for one Australian mother, her home became the stuff of horrors after an Eastern brown snake made its way behind her refrigerator.

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The snake, also known as a common brown snake, is notorious for its speed and aggression. Its venom causes renal failure, paralysis and cardiac arrest.

As the unidentified woman held the camera, Mr. Snake Wrangler (not his real name) came to her rescue.

"Oh my God," she repeats over and over again.

The wranger moves the fridge and grabs hold of a very long, very venomous snake.

Although it certainly put up a fight, the snake catcher eventually got the deadly reptile into a bag and toted it safely outside, much to the relief of mom.

Maybe her first mistake was living in scary Australia.

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