Worker killed by World War II bomb

Twelve others injured

The accident happened at a recycling site near the city of Euskirchen in western Germany.

A bulldozer working at the site hit the unexploded bomb killing the operator and hurting as many as twelve others nearby.

The city is near Bonn, a frequent target for heavy allied bombing during the European campaign.

The Daily Mail reports the local police spokesman Helmut Conrads said finding unexploded bombs isn't very unusual.

But having one kill someone is.

"We can be lucky this hasn't happened earlier," Conrads said.

Reports say the bomb was still very powerful, damaging homes within a 300 yard circle around the epicenter.

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Work War II bombs are so common in the area that builders often hire private companies to search for, disarm, and remove them.

A monstrous 550 pound bomb was found in Munich in 2012. The ordinance was so big and unstable it was detonated where it was found, damaging some area buildings.

In 2001, nearly 50,000 residents of Koblenz near the Rhine were evacuated when several bombs and a military grade fog device were discovered.

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