From Weinstein to Lauer: A timeline of 2017's sexual harassment scandals

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In October, the New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

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And since then, multiple high-profile men in media, politics and other industries have faced allegations ranging from inappropriate behavior to forced sexual misconduct to rape.

Some — but not all — have been ousted from their companies or resigned themselves amid the allegations.

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A timeline of more than 40 sexual misconduct scandals against high-profile men since Weinstein:

Note: This list will be updated periodically. Included is the accusation, response and aftermath for each individual listed. This is not an exhaustive list of accusations. 

Dec. 18:

Alex Kozinski — California federal court judge

Dec. 15:

Gene Simmons — Bassist for band KISS

Dec. 13:

Morgan Spurlock — Hollywood director

Dec. 11:

Ryan Lizza — The New Yorker Magazine’s Washington correspondent

President Donald Trump 

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Mario Batali — TV star, renowned chef

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Dec. 6:

Warren Moon — NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, co-founder and president of Sports 1 Marketing

Dec. 1:

Ruben Kihuen  — U.S. House of Representatives (D-Nev.)

Blake Farenthold — U.S. House of Representatives (R-Texas)

Nov. 30:

Russell Simmons — Entrepreneur, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings

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Nov. 29:

Garrison Keillor — Creator and former host of “A Prairie Home Companion”

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Matt Lauer — NBC “Today” show morning host

More Lauer news:

Nov. 22:

Nick Carter — Backstreet Boys member

Nov. 21:

John Lasseter — Pixar and Disney Animation chief

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Nov. 20:

Charlie Rose — PBS and CBS host

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Glenn Thrush — New York Times White House reporter

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John Conyers  — U.S. Senator (D-Mich.)

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Nov. 16:

Al Franken — U.S. Senator (D-Minn.)

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Nov. 10:

Gary Goddard — CEO of The Goddard Group, behind the creation of theme park attractions including the Georgia Aquarium and the Monster Plantation ride at Six Flags Over Georgia

Eddie Berganza — Editor of DC Comics

Andrew Kreisberg — Executive producer of "Arrow," "Supergirl," "The Flash"

Nov. 9:

Louis C.K. — Comedian

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Roy Moore — Alabama judge and politician, U.S. Senate candidate (R.-Ala.)

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Matthew Weiner — “Mad Men” creator

Nov. 8:

Jeffrey Tambor — Actor

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Nov. 7

Ed Westwick — Actor known for “Gossip Girl”

Nov. 3:

David Guillod — Primary Wave Entertainment co-CEO

Nov. 1:

Dustin Hoffman — Actor

Jeff Hoover — Kentucky House Speaker

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Brett Ratner — Filmmaker

Oct. 31:

Andy Dick — Comedian

Michael Oreskes — NPR chief editor

Oct. 30:

Hamilton Fish — New Republic president and publisher

Jeremy Piven  — Actor

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Oct. 29:

Kevin Spacey — Actor

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Oct. 26:

Ken Baker — E! News correspondent

Mark Halperin — MSNBC political analyst, co-author of “Game Change”

Oct. 25:

Knight Landesman — Artforum publisher 

Oct. 24

Leon Wieseltier — New Republic editor 

Oct. 23:

Terry Richardson — Fashion photographer

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Oct. 22:

James Toback — Writer-director 

Oct. 21:

John Besh — Celebrity chef, chief executive of Besh Restaurant Group

Oct. 19:

Lockhart Steele — Editorial director, Vox Media

Oct. 17:

Chris Savino — Nickelodeon producer

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Oct. 12:

Roy Price — Amazon executive

Oct. 10:

Ben Affleck — Actor

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Oct. 5:

Harvey Weinstein — Hollywood producer and co-founder of the Weinstein Company

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