Drunk guys steal circus llama, take it for tram ride

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It started in the early-morning hours on Oct. 31 in Bordeaux, France, when five men leaving a local club came across the temporary residence of a European circus and decided to add to their party one of the circus' llamas.

The men took several photos with Serge as they led the llama around town and eventually onto a streetcar. When the driver of the tram realized Serge was aboard, he alerted authorities who confronted the group at the next stop. The five men briefly escaped the police, but were arrested a short time later.

Serge was returned to the circus safe and sound and after all the attention generated by the escapade, the circus owner dropped the charges against the men.

"It's amazing," John Beautour, director of Cirque Franco-Italian, told the French newspaper, 20 Minutes. "The incident became a huge media event. They're talking about it from Australia to Poland."

The men involved with the theft will likely receive a fine. ABC reports Serge now has his own Tumblr page dedicated to photoshopped images of the animal in silly situations all over the world.