Cecil the Lion's grandcubs are ready to carry on his legacy – listen to their roars

If Cecil the Lion were still alive today, he would be a proud grandfather to eight tiny cubs.

At Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, photographer Graham Simmonds filmed the cubs running through the dirt roads and the grass, following closely behind their mother and aunt.

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"Buli, our guide, informed us that the two lionesses had been seen mating with a male named Xanda some months back," Simmonds wrote on Africa Geographic.

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Xanda is one of Cecil’s sons and has recently come into his prime. The eight lion cubs are believed to be Xanda’s offspring and thus Cecil’s grandcubs.

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Thirteen-year-old Cecil was killed nearly 10 months ago by American dentist Walter Palmer for a hunting trophy priced at $55,000.

The horrifying incident sparked a worldwide unification in a fight to ban the hunting of Africa’s finest creatures.