Bread seller photobombs a shoot, gets modeling contract

BuzzFeed News reported that a local bread seller came into some of the shots.

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The woman immediately caught Bello's eye and she enlisted the help of her Instagram followers to find out who she was.

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TINIETEMPAH TEMPAH : DISTURBING LAGOS .... Oga Tinie.. Disturbing Lagos Keh ..? You sure ? my hand no dey o.. We no dey do that kine ruff play for here o. I've photographed so many international celebrities in this town.. From Beyonce to Arnold Schwarzenegger ... I was looking through my archives the other day and said to my self .. Never again.. !Never in some fancy hotel room that could have been anywhere else on the planet . There's no where like Lagos and If they ever cross my path again I'll drag them out to where they can touch and feel My Lagos . .. And fall in love with it. So of course when I was asked to meet up with @tiniegram at his hotel I was like ..Lai-Lai!! Abeg bring the man to Yaba and let's shoot this something ! I love lagos ..I won't lie .. The streets are a literal Photographer's paradise .. Every where you turn there's a story waiting to be told .., textures waiting to be shot and characters waiting to be explored's hard for me to make a bad picture when my spirit is really open on the steets ..I can just stand there and magic walks into my frame . The beautiful bread seller in the red dress in one of my edits for instance ..You know her Abi?.. That one that every one on the street wants to marry .. She's fine and she knows it. its all over how she walks and I know you've seen her before . She walked onto our set and magic happened wasn't planned at all ..I didn't even know I nailed the narrative until I edited a few days later . Someone accused me of dragging @tiniegram on the streets ..That I should have taken him to somewhere 'prettier '... My response : So you haven't heard ...?The street is where it's happening o.. You haven't seen pretty till you've seen the sun set in the quiet corners of Surulere ..You're missing out on a unique love vibe if you haven't taken her for a walk in railway compound..And if you only exist where freshly baked, steamy Agege bread is completely out of reach .. You may have to consider reorganizing it all.. I mean ...What's the point! #tybellophotography #photostories #thisdaystyle #tinietempah #lagos #yaba #steetlove #mrmattewsworshop #okunorentwins @thisdaystyle

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Bello wanted to work with the woman to build a portfolio to get her a modeling contract.

Instagram followers who lived in the area told her to leave a message with people where the shoot was, and she eventually connected with the woman, whose name is Olajumoke Orisaguna.

Orisaguna told Bello that she was a hair stylist in Ire, in the Osun state of Nigeria. She moved from Ire to Lagos, Nigeria, to work at a distant relative's bakery to make more money to take care of her children.

The 27-year-old took 14-month-old daughter with her and left her husband and 5-year-old child in Ire.

"This lady belonged in front of my camera," Bello said. "After a conversation with her husband telling him the story of our meeting, I decided I was going to photograph her that very afternoon."

The shoot that followed ended up being for the Nigerian magazine "This Day Style" and included Orisaguna 14-month-old-daughter, Grace.

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OLAJUMOKE SUNDAY ORISAGUNA : A PORTRAIT WITH GRACE - part 1 I only recently started thinking it was important to make 'behind -the - scenes videos of my photography sessions . I hardly , however make time to go through the footages simply because I find it uncomfortable looking at my self on screen and for the obvious fact that I sound wierd and embarrassingly loud when I shoot . Yesterday how ever I sat with filmaaker @emaedosio as we combed through go-pro footages to see if we captured the very moment .. Olajumoke a bread hawker from the Sabo market bakery , walked entirely by coincidence unto our set of our Thisday style shoot for @tiniegram The moment didn't look special at all. If anything she stood there a little confused .. Some people asking her to leave the set and others asking her to stay . I signaled if it was ok to take her photograph and she agreed and I pressed on my shutter so she could move ahead . My main subject of interest was the Okada driver that had slowed down just before she arrived .Okada riders have that cool lagos vibe and always happen to add a bit of swag to street portraits. I was wrong to have paid her such little attention. Ever frame with her in it was perfect .. I had found a second subject in the Tinnie's story .. A young beautiful hawker who could have served as a love interest of some sort .Digitally I made the red in her dress match @tiniegram sleeves to create a connection between them . When the magazine came out last week and the images hit social media , I was proven right this girl split the limelight with the main subject effortlessly ..questions and comments started to fly : Was she a model ? How did we convince the model to balance all that bread on her head . The buzz about her multiplied when I clarified that she indeed wasn't a model at all but simply stumbled on our set. I immediately begone my search for her .If so many felt she was beautiful enough to be a model.. Then maybe she was mean to be one .I was going to find a way to make it happen .I had assistants leave word with people in the area we shot her and to my delight the very next day , she showed up at my studio .. (To be continued )

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"She stepped in front of my camera and I almost couldn't recognize her. She moved different too," Bello said. "Jumoke looked straight into my lens, emoting like she had done this all her life. I knew we had found a star."

By Monday, Orisaguna reportedly signed with Few Model Management, a modeling agency.