We all share one father if we go back far enough

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Talk about a big Father's Day, scientists have found that we all have the same father, if we go back into the history of the human race far enough.

Problem is that geneticists say we have to go back 239,000 years, according to The Verge.  The good news is that it is much closer to our most recent common female ancestor who lived about 200,000 years ago.  The 39,000-year difference is not that bad considering how long ago scientists believe life has been on Earth.

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The study looked at mutations of the human genome by looking at men in Iceland. 

Scientists used Iceland for their study because of its demographic history.  The Verge reported that the country is relatively isolated with a small population, only 320,000 people.  On top of it, their ancestors had little contact with the outside world until recently.