Lots Cleta Winslow got mowed

Atlanta taxpayers footed the bill when Atlanta Councilwoman Cleta Winslow hired Richro Lawn Service to mow lawns in her district. The properties included a lot across the street from her home, yards on the street where Richro owner Roy Davis lives, a lot owned by one of Winslow’s campaign donors and a lawn owned by the mother of one of her staffers.

Banks and mortgage companies were also among those who benefitted from the lawn service. Cost: about $65,000 over five years. These are the properties that the AJC could identify from Richro invoices between the summers of 2012 and 2013. Also identified are the locations of Winslow's and Davis’ homes.

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Source: Richro Lawn Service invoices paid by the city and Fulton County tax data

NOTE: Because many Richro invoices had inaccurate or incomplete information, some of these locations may not be exact. In some cases, properties may have changed ownership since the cutting took place.