Why are people shaving their heads in quarantine?

The simple pleasures of a haircut, manicure appointment or (insert basic grooming here) have been put on pause as Americans are resigned to their homes for likely weeks to come.

Though those grooming options by a professional are not possible, some have found comfort in the do-it-yourself approach. If you’ve been browsing social media, you might have noticed that some have taken it beyond a basic trim by shaving their heads.

Some of those folks spoke with The Cut about why they chose to take the razor in their own hands. Some chalked it up to boredom. Others openly spoke about the financial and internal reasons they chose to do so. Some said it was to save money on shampooing their hair. Others said it was a mental break for them and a chance to defy gender norms as they had the chance to reflect in isolation.

Take a look at the folks below who chose to shave their heads and hear why they did so:

A Twitter user named Breezy told TODAY Style she shaved her head to give her a project in these mundane times.

“I shaved my head because I thought if I didn’t I would go insane lol. I was just super bored of being at home and didn’t want bangs, so I shaved my head,” she said. “Also, I love it so much.”

Twitter user And I’m Victoria, Malcolm! said after two weeks at home, shaving his head was a way to “tidy up and pamper” himself.

Some, including Twitter user John Hollis, said the freedom of exploring a new look at home made them comfortable to try the bald head style.

Isabela, an artist and student who spoke to The Cut, said the shaved head is giving her somewhat of the similar experience she’d have with a pet.

“Unfortunately, I do not have a dog while quarantined so I can just pet my head instead. I now know why people with short hair touch their hair so much,” she told the magazine.

Some on social media spoke about how shaving their heads was linked to their mental health, stating that it helped them avoid mental breakdown.

As one would expect, some have regretted their spontaneous shaving decisions.