Wendy’s manager in Tennessee accused of throwing hot oil on customer

Victim who complained food was cold suffered severe burns in drive-thru attack

A manager at a Wendy’s restaurant in Tennessee was charged with aggravated assault after allegedly throwing hot oil on a customer who complained about his food.

The incident happened last Tuesday in Huntingdon after a man placed a late-night order in the drive-thru and then returned to the window to say his food was cold, according to WBBJ, which cited police reports.

Next, an argument erupted between the customer and the shift manager, identified as 21-year-old Demarrus Pritchett, the station reported.

Pritchett briefly left his post and walked back to the kitchen, where he allegedly grabbed a pan of hot oil, then hurled the scalding liquid on the man through the window, WBBJ reported.

The sudden attack caused severe burns on the victim’s left side and arm that sent him to Baptist Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Pritchett later confessed to throwing the oil but said he and the victim had a previous confrontation, WBBJ reported.

He has since been released on bail.

It wasn’t clear whether Pritchett was still employed at the restaurant.

The victim was not identified in reports. There was no official indication of his current condition, but the man’s mother told WBBJ that the prognosis did not look good.