WATCH: ‘It was absolutely nuts’: Deer runs over man in McDonald’s parking lot

The incident happened Wednesday at a North Carolina McDonald’s

With deer increasingly losing their natural habitats, they are cropping up everywhere: along urban streets, in suburban backyards and, even, McDonald’s parking lots.

Even with the onset of deer in urban spaces, what happened at a North Carolina McDonald's this week would floor anyone.

Surveillance video caught a deer plowing down a man in a McDonald’s parking lot in Locust, North Carolina.

Ken Worthy, the man run over by the deer, lived to tell the story to Charlotte news station WSOC-TV.

"It was absolutely nuts....It was just a bit of brown, and then I saw his face, I was down on the ground — that quick," Ken Worthy told the news station.

Worthy and his wife had stopped by the McDonald’s location for some lunch. The couple were headed to their car with “cokes” in their hands before the leap happened.

Some things one must see to believe, so here is the surveillance footage from the peculiar incident.

The retired detective said he was grateful the deer was not aiming for his wife.

“It wasn’t my wife,” he told the news station. “It wasn’t kids in the parking lot. It could have been worse. We’re very blessed.”

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