VIDEO: Man stops truck in middle of traffic to take selfie with ‘The Rock’

Dwyane Johnson - aka The Rock. (Getty Images)
Dwyane Johnson - aka The Rock. (Getty Images)



It’s not every day you drive past mega-celebrity Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson.

A fan of “The Rock” parked his tow truck in the middle of traffic when he recognized the star through his car window and wanted to take a selfie.

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"This dude stopped his truck in the middle of the street," Johnson says in the video posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday. "I rolled the passenger window down to say hello and then he REALLY freaked out."

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Johnson said he was driving his pickup truck when the man pulled up beside him standing in the oncoming traffic lane.

“The light's turned green and now cars are coming towards him and driving around him. Not one car was beeping their horn because I'm sure they thought some road rage was going down,” Johnson wrote in his post.

Although the man caused quite a traffic stir, Johnson said the encounter made his day.

“Sometimes traffic is just gonna have to wait to make fans happy,” Johnson wrote.

A lesson Johnson learned was to get a darker window tint, which he hash-tagged at the end of his post.

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