Trump in new interview said he wants ‘larger’ stimulus checks for Americans

He talked about what he wants for the next stimulus relief package in an interview

As senators are weighing the details and timeline for financial relief for Americans, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he supports a “larger” second stimulus check than the past $1,200 payment to individuals.

Trump spoke with Fox Business Network’s Blake Burman on Wednesday evening about the fourth phase of financial relief to the unemployed, businesses and individuals.

The president confirmed that he supports the potential $2 trillion CARES Act under consideration by Congress, but he offered some insight on what the package should include in Wednesday’s sit-down with Burman.

Work bonus versus unemployment

Trump said he wants the new package to include a “return-to-work” bonus rather than extending unemployment benefits. Trump and other officials have criticized the current unemployment benefits, which in many cases is paying the unemployed more than they would at work.

“... It was an incentive not to go to work,” Trump said during the interview. “You’d make more money if you don’t go to work. That’s not what the country’s all about. We want to create a tremendous incentive for people to want to go back to work.”

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, has proposed a “return to work” bonus, which would pay money to those who get hired after being furloughed or laid off.

‘Larger’ stimulus check

Last month, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Fox Business the president would want “at least a $2 trillion” stimulus package. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has pushed for a $3 trillion stimulus package, and Sen. Mitch McConnell has said he expects about a $1 trillion package.

On Wednesday, Trump confirmed he expects whatever size the package that the checks to taxpayers would be greater than the average $1,200 payment many received in April.

“I do. I support it, but it has to be done properly,” he said of introducing another stimulus check. “I support actually larger numbers than the Democrats.”

The talk about stimulus checks is a bit of a different tone than what Navarro said the president envisioned for the relief package last month.

“For me and for this president, one of the key thrusts of any phase four — and any economic plan — going forward has to be manufacturing jobs, a focus on buy American, hire American, make it in the U.S.A.,” Navarro said. “What we need to do as a country is to make more stuff here.”

If Congress passes a stimulus bill with a larger second stimulus check, however, the next stimulus bill could cost more than the Heroes Act.
Though Congress has yet to pass the bill approving the package, McConnell said the passage could happen as soon as this month.

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