Map: Georgia's 50 worst ticket traps in 2014

Where are you more likely to get a traffic ticket in Georgia? This map, using data from 2014, shows 50 jurisdictions (cities and counties) you may want to avoid.

Courts across Georgia generate money from traffic ticket fines, but some jurisdictions are more aggressive about policing their roads than others. Shown here are the top 50 jurisdictions in terms of money generated per capita. Think small town, big bucks.

For instance, the South Georgia town of Warwick has a population of just 411 residents,but officers there brought in more than $900,000 in ticket revenue last year. The city ranked No. 1 for the most ticket revenue generated per capita at just over $2,200. Towns along the interstates are also well positioned to rake in cash from citations, especially in southwest Georgia.

Hover over each dot for more information on each place. To navigate to map, tools appear in the top left when the map is active.

NOTE: An earlier version of this map included incorrect data for Chamblee.

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