This Georgia university is among the country's best colleges for women

Are you looking for a school with exceptional academic programs and support services for women, along with members passionate about gender equality?

According to College Choice's latest ranking of 2016's best colleges and universities for women, Emory University in DeKalb County may be the school for you.

To begin their research, College Choice analysts examined the hundreds of regionally accredited schools ranked highly in Women's Choice Award's top colleges for women, a guide that refers to itself as "the only college guide for women, by women."

The Women's Choice Award guide surveys more than 150,000 women nationwide and pulls data from the U.S. Department of Education to rank schools based on reputation, student to faculty ratios, depth of education, campus safety and graduation rates.

College Choice then used data from the National Center for Educational Statistics to rank the schools in the guide by female student satisfaction, return on investment, academic reputation, affordablity and financial aid awarded.

Of the 50 states included in the College Choice ranking, Emory University is the only Georgia school to make the list. It ranked No. 26 with a feature about its women's studies program.

The program, College Choice wrote, "has sought from its inception to connect the study of women and gender with race and class, and not to isolate gender as a single category of analysis."

Emory's Department of Women's Studies program also graduated its first women's studies doctorates in the spring of 1995 and has since graduated more than forty, according to College Choice.

Recently, Emory University, Georgia Tech and UGA were listed among the top 25 colleges in the South in a region-specific ranking by Forbes, part of its larger 2016's best colleges and universities in the country ranking.

Last year, Emory joined Georgia Tech in the 2015-16 Times Higher Education list of top 100 best universities in the world.

  1. Harvard University (Massachusetts)
  2. Stanford University (California)
  3. Yale University (Connecticut)
  4. Princeton University (New Jersey)
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts)
  6. Duke University (North Carolina)
  7. California Institute of Technology (California)
  8. University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
  9. Wellesley College (Massachusetts)
  10. Dartmouth College (New Hampshire)