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Q: Is the Clinton Foundation a charitable organization? If so, did it pay for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and why?

—Mary Edwards, Griffin

A: The Clinton Foundation is a public charity that is tax exempt and non-profit.

It was reported on Nov. 6, 2016 that “foundation resources” were used for the 2010 wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky.

The story was based on a hacked 2012 email from one of Bill Clinton’s former aides that was released by WikiLeaks that day.

The email didn’t mention money being used to pay for the wedding.

A Jan. 4 Washington Post “Fact Checker” article found “no evidence” that the Clintons paid for the wedding.

The wedding planner and spokesmen for both the Clinton Foundation and former president Bill Clinton denied that foundation funds were used to pay for the wedding, the Post reported.

Q: The southbound lanes of I-75 were totally repaved during construction of the express lanes in Henry County. Are they also going to repave the northbound lanes of I-75?

—Carl Roberts, Locust Grove

A: The northbound lanes will be resurfaced after the opening of the express lanes, a Georgia DOT spokeswoman told Q&A on the News in an email.

The express lanes are scheduled to open on either Jan. 28 or 29 and the resurfacing “will be completed by June,” she wrote.

“Motorists with Peach Passes will be able to utilize the express lanes starting at the end of this month,” she wrote.

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