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Q: How do fundraising sites such as GoFundMe make money? Do they take a percentage of funds raised? And do the fund recipients pay taxes on the money they receive?

—David A. Manecke, Mableton

A: Fundraising sites, such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, generally take a percentage of what's raised.

GoFundMe automatically deducts 5 percent from each donation that’s received.

Kickstarter “applies a 5 percent fee” if a campaign is successfully funded, but no fees if a project isn’t funded.

Those sites also generally charge processing fees of 3-5 percent per donation.

Recipients of crowdfunding campaigns should consult their tax preparer regarding potential taxes on the money earned from the campaign.

“Amounts received through reward-based crowdfunding campaigns most likely are taxable income … to be reported by the creator in the year of receipt,” the Journal of Accountancy wrote in October 2015.

The Journal of Accountancy is published by the American Institute of CPAs.

Q: Do hit by pitch and errors contribute to on-base percentage in baseball?

—David Dickey, Dallas

A: The times a batter is hit by a pitch is included in the formula for on-base percentage, but reaching base on an error isn't included.

The formula for on-base percentage is the total of hits, walks and hit by pitch divided by at-bats, walks, hit by pitch and sacrifice flies.

Reaching on a fielder’s choice and on sacrifice bunts aren’t included in the formula.

“(On-base percentage) reads like batting average, but because it incorporates walks, OBPs are about 60 points higher on average,” Fangraphs.com states.

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