Stay safe in cyberspace | National Computer Security Day is Nov. 30

Channel 2 Consumer Advisor Clark Howard says several companies are selling Aspect virus software.

Safeguard your computer in this holiday shopping season

Cyber security affects virtually every important aspect of our daily lives, from where we bank and shop to whom we elect to public office.

National Computer Security Day is set for Saturday, Nov. 30, an annual event that always is celebrated that day. It is designed to raise awareness and to promote best practices in information security.

The global cyber security threat 'ransomware' has infected 200,000 computers in 150 countries.

According to a 2004 Networld article, “November 30 was chosen so attention on computer security would remain high during the holiday season, when people are typically more focused on the busy shopping season than thwarting security threats.”

WIkiLeaks released information that shows the CIA can gain information from most cellphones and even some TVs.

Here, from National Day Calendar, are several tips on how to stay safe in cyberspace during this online holiday shopping season.

  • Enable Windows Update.
  • Install and keep running antivirus software.
  • Turn on Windows Firewall.
  • Keep all software updated.
  • Always use strong passwords.
  • Don't share passwords and don't write them down.
  • A password is required to access your computer.
  • Remove unused programs.
  • Secure your wireless network.
  • Back up critical data.
  • Use caution when browsing the internet.
  • Periodically remove temporary internet files.

In 2004, the MyDoom virus was first detected and caused $38.5 billion in damage before it was stopped.