Poll: older workers fearful for jobs amid ageism

Age discrimination in the workplace begins to show up early, for some earlier than 45 years old, according to a new survey of 1,000 workers.

Fairygodboss, a website aimed at women workers that offers advice and reviews of employers, released survey results in July.

The report says: “We initially set out to see if there were any differences in the ways men and women experience ageism and while there were a few notable differences, there are far more similarities.”

Fairygodboss noted that the segment of workers growing faster than any other in the U.S. are those 65 and older.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported about the growth in the number of older workers about the time the poll results were released.

Among the poll findings:

  • 37% said they had seen or heard examples of ageism - prejudice against older workers - before the age of 45.
  • 28% said they had experienced ageism.
  • Of those, 44% said they had received negative comments about their age from co-workers
  • And 31% said they had heard those comments from a boss or other supervisor.
  • 42% of those who had experienced ageism heard criticism that older workers were not able to learn new skills and were less open to new ideas.
  • And 36% of them were told older workers lack the stamina or drive of younger workers.
  • 25% of all those polled feared being pushed out of jobs because of their age.