The left finds Trump’s Xi Jinping comments concerning

Credit: Carolyn Kaster

Credit: Carolyn Kaster

Should we be concerned about Donald Trump's comments on China's President Xi Jinping, who repealed the country's presidential term limits last month?

A roundup of editorials Tuesday explores the issue.

Opinions from the left: 

1. Donald Trump Sure Has a Problem with Democracy
From The New York Times Editorial Board: "But President Trump just doesn't get it. There's something in the man that impels him reflexively to celebrate the authoritarian model."

2. President Trump is blessedly weak

From The Washington Post: “There has been debate about whether Trump was joking. But why? Trump’s tastes (and those of his followers) have long skewed toward the authoritarian.”

3. With Trump, don't confuse the unthinkable with the impossible

From CNN: “History has shown time and again that just because something is unthinkable it doesn't mean it cannot happen.”

From the right: The right should pay close attention to midterm primaries as election season begins.