Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox greets a supporter during a Republican election party Tuesday, June 5, 2018, in San Diego.
Photo: AP Photo/Gregory Bull
Photo: AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Has the blue wave ‘crested and ebbed?’ The right wonders

From The Week: “Things are looking up for President Trump and his Republican Party.”

2. Michael Barone: California results suggest blue wave has crested and ebbed

From The Washington Examiner: “The latest results, taken together with the generic ballot ... tend to undercut the many gleeful predictions of a blue wave that produces a big Democratic majority in the House and perhaps the Senate as well.”

3. There is no blue wave in California

From The Hill: “If the path to winning the next majority runs through these 10 districts in California, it looks like the Republicans will hold the House and the Democrats will be wandering in the political desert for another cycle, at least.”

‘Et, tu, California?’ The left asks