New ratings out for Georgia school discipline and financial efficiency

Georgia has released its 2016 “star” ratings for the “climate” in each school and the financial efficiency of each school district.

The state Department of Education’s ratings, mandated by state law, accompany but do not affect scores on the annual education report card known as the College and Career Ready Performance Index, or CCRPI.

The ratings operate on a scale of one to five, where five is the best and one is the worst

School climate refers to each school’s “culture” and comprises disciplinary, attendance, survey and other data. Most schools earned three or four stars, though fewer got four stars than in 2015, with 40 in 2016 versus 45 percent the prior year.

School district financial efficiency is based on per pupil spending compared with results on the CCRPI. The formula for the rating changed, so these new results are not comparable with 2015. Just over 1 percent of districts scored a five while 5 percent earned a one, with a fairly even distribution among the other scores.

See the climate ratings for your school and the financial efficiency ratings for your school district  here. Choose a school district from the drop-down menu, then select the school, and then either elementary, middle, or high school. Finally, click on the "financial efficiency" tab for district results or the "school climate" tab for school results.

You can check out your school's SAT scores, climate rating, staff experience and more at the Ultimate Atlanta School Guide.

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