Will Trump consider enforcing national curfew amid coronavirus pandemic?

Trump speaks about national curfew, limiting social gatherings in afternoon presser

Donald Trump Declares National Emergency to Combat Coronavirus.

In addition to states considering closing non-essential business like restaurants and bars, there were reports Monday that a national curfew could become a method to contain the coronavirus.

Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump did not directly speak to a national curfew, but he alluded to the possibility of the curfew being mandated in more metropolitan areas.

“We may look at certain areas and certain hotspots,” the president said in response to the question about a national curfew.

Later he spoke about the plans not yet being determined for the curfew across the board.

“We haven’t really determined to do that at all,” Trump said. “It’s a step we can take, but we haven’t decided to do that.”

CNN reported that a possible nationwide curfew for non-essential businesses has become a part of discussions on how to quell the emerging COVID-19 pandemic across the country. Vice President Mike Pence’s office disputed that report within minutes of the initial announcement.

Within minutes of the report, Vice President Mike Pence’s office sent out a communication saying that there “is no talk of a national curfew,” CNN’s Yamiche Alcindor reported Monday morning. CNN reported that Katie Miller with the vice president’s office announced that there was not discussions on the curfew.

“I don’t want bad information out there to scare people,” Miller said according to a tweet from Alcindor.

With more than 65 people that have died and more than2,700 cases reported, the measures to slow down or “flatten the curve” of the virus are ever evolving.