The Savannah Morning News Editorial Board:

“Republican candidates who swept into office in Georgia and across the nation Tuesday were given more than a mandate.

They were given orders to change the way government does business — or else.”

“Fact is, the Democrats took a drubbing. But Republicans can’t afford to get cocky either. Winning elections is only half the battle. The other 50 percent — and perhaps the most important half — is governing.”

The Dallas Morning News

“Republicans’ resounding midterm gains include a U.S. Senate majority and greater House dominance, but they still go only so far in achieving what voters really want: superior governance.

The team-sport aspect of American politics, with all its flaws, does produce winners and losers, as we saw Tuesday. Now what Americans demand is a government that advances solutions and better solves problems.

Both teams, Republican and Democrat, have been guilty of arrogance and overreach. This election also makes clear that both sides also need each other. Republicans, who will control all of Congress in January, must show they can do more than obstruct the president and his party.”

“And President Barack Obama needs to do more than pay lip service to compromise if he hopes to build a real legacy in his final two years. This means fewer threats to impose executive action fixes to big problems, like immigration reform, and more coalition-building with actual lawmakers.

Words matter, but actions matter more. We want to believe key figures in both parties sending signals that compromise is the new player in Washington. Then we remember hearing similar words after every election. Eventually, we catch on.”

The Albany Herald

“Our guess is a great many people are crunching data trying to determine, first, why this election season went the way it did and, second, how to replicate it or prevent it the next time around, depending on their allegiances.”