Response to recent conversation

Atlanta Forward readers responded to several recent columns on our blog. Here is a sample of comments:

MARTA and state support

Thomas R. Buchanan: I fear MARTA's realistic plan to await requesting state assistance for public transportation until Gov. Deal's departure illustrates the persistent problem — lack of regional leadership condemning us to a continuation of Georgia's tortured history of man's inhumanity to man. There are, however, enlightened regional leaders. They just can't get elected in a red state. Gov. Barnes demonstrated regional leadership when he created and empowered GRTA, led by Dr. C. Ross, to begin a regional approach to transportation policy. Denied a second term to Mr. Perdue , carrying the Stars and Bars to victory, he had to sit by and watch as GRTA was emasculated and Dr. Ross returned to Georgia Tech. There's been no serious attempt at regional leadership since then.

Paulding County Airport and Delta

Mike Dee: Delta is worried Atlanta would have an overall loss of flights if a second airport is built? Delta's anti-competitive practices have cost us many more flights than that. Predatory pricing. Locking up gates and entire concourses. Locking up service contractors. Thanks for your recent concern, Delta. Why the change?

Ralph: The Paulding "Silver Comet" airport may make sense for freight — FedEx, UPS, etc. — freeing up some take-off and landing capacity at Hartsfield-Jackson, and perhaps for charter flights. But it makes no sense for regularly scheduled passenger service.

Bill: Really, the second airport siphon traffic flow? So LaGuardia is ruining JFK? Oh, wait, no it's not, because Delta is rapidly expanding domestic and international travel there. Nice lies from Delta management.

Freebird: This is a great example of the difference between being "pro-business" and "pro-free markets." Delta wants state and regional government to help out a business — their business — at the expense of other businesses. This is "pro-business" in a manner of speaking, but it is not a defense of free enterprise and competition. There is way too much crony capitalism in this country supported by Democrats and Republicans alike. What we need for our economy to thrive is free markets unfettered by burdensome regulation and manipulation. This editorial is a pathetic attempt to curry government favoritism.

Wishing for Milton County: A second airport may allow for competition to bloom in Atlanta. Air fares are sky high on routes with only Delta. Southwest dis-establishing AirTrans' hub has allowed Delta to charge what they want. Of course Delta is scared of another airport. Maybe the charter flights to vacation spots in Latin America and the Caribbean will come back. They will have to compete. Maybe the city of Atlanta or state of Georgia needs to make Delta give up 10 percent of its slots to other airlines. Let's get some competition on some routes. All I know is air travel through Atlanta is a pain in the neck. Tickets are too high, security is too slow, and parking there is expensive. Delta is making a bundle of money now, but they're killing the goose!