Response to recent conversation

Retired Col. Jim Frederick’s Father’s Day essay about his son’s service in the Army touched many readers. Here is a sampling of comments with the writers’ chosen screen names.

@@: Both you and your son have my heartfelt gratitude. Your love and confidence in his judgment have allowed him to follow his dream. Wishing you a Happy Father's Day, Col. Frederick, and safe passage for your son, Adam.

Shameia: Col. Frederick and his son are deserving of our gratitude for their service to America. What concerns many of us is that, since World War II and the Korean War, our military has been misused in conflicts that had little or nothing to do with our national defense. Thank Congress for foolishly handing over its war-waging authority to the occupant of the White House.

Bernie: I appreciate the warmth and human kindness exchanged between a father and son. There is none other except for the love and comfort of mom. With that being said, the trotting out of the military is getting to be a bit exhausting. Sadly, America's great soldiers are typically put out and used as props to achieve some politically led military goal. Happy Father's Day to all of America's fathers. This story shared by this father could have easily been told and shared the heartfelt warmness without the military overtones as presented. If we as a nation truly honored these father-and-son soldiers, we would not support our political leaders who are presently attempting to cut benefits, needed medical care, treatment and prompt disability resolutions to those who go off to foreign lands in protection of our national defense. So a change in attitude and support in regards to these matters would certainly make this the best Father's Day present any father could ever want or desire.

Starik: Well, Colonel, how do you feel about all those repeated combat tours by the troops, including National Guard people? The kids who got chewed up in [the Middle Eastern wars] are heroes, but also victims. Reinstate a draft! Spread the war experience around, and it won't be so easy to start stupid ones.

SAWB: "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." – George Orwell