Readers write


Today’s system worse

than its replacement

A fuss is being made over health insurance plans that are being canceled by vendors because they don’t meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. It seems the right is downright giddy at the opportunity to claim variations on the theme, “Obama lied.”

Insurers selling and customers buying non-ACA-compliant policies after 2010 can only have been betting that “Obamacare” would be repealed. I’m not sad that they were wrong.

The burdens of life do not fall on everyone equally. The Affordable Care Act does have its flaws, but so does the system that it’s replacing — and to my mind, the latter’s flaws are worse. At least the ACA is an attempt to share the burdens more broadly, as opposed to a system that plain doesn’t care where they fall, as long as the vendors profit.


Call it ‘substandard,’

it also is affordable

To insinuate that individuals are not able to make an appropriate decision regarding their health care needs is the insult cast by all liberals. Mike Luckovich portrays this elitist view in one of his latest cartoons (Opinion, Nov. 6).

It was not substandard coverage that has been denied; it was adequate and affordable coverage that is not now available.


Government knows

best; ask any liberal

I loved Mike Luckovich’s recent cartoon illustrating a man complaining about President Obama, while being pierced by a giant screw representing a “substandard insurance policy” (Opinion, Nov. 6) — because it perfectly illustrates the nut of liberal progressive philosophy. To wit: Citizens are too stupid to make their own financial decisions, and must rely on an all-wise, benevolent government to do it for them.



Someone please bring

back our winning team

I am writing in response to Jeff Schultz’s piece “It’s not looking good” (Sports, Nov. 4). The question that everyone is asking is, “What’s wrong with the Falcons?”

After a great season last year, we — the fans — thought for sure that the Falcons had come into their time, and would repeat a fantastic season. There has been no major player change or coaching change, but there is something that has zapped the “winning” attitude right out of our team.

We have a talented team, and they have proved it in the past, but they continue to lose. Do folks not understand the inconsistency in our team? A “Falcon whisperer” needs to be hired — and quickly!