Readers Write 10/26

Electric car incentive positive step forward

I applaud the Georgia Public Service Commission’s approval of special time-of-use rates for drivers who charge their electric vehicles at night (“A win-win rate for energy use,” Opinion, Oct. 22).

This is the kind of proactive thinking that will spur the use of alternative energy, thus reducing our national security-threatening dependence on foreign oil, and improving the air we breathe.

I find it disingenuous, though, that Chuck Eaton chose to attack the overly strict federal regulations without which the oil and auto industries would have blithely continued to profit unchanged — disregarding both the environment and the electric supply industry (which stands to benefit).

Is he trying to lure anti-green industry diehards by characterizing this as a blow to Big Government?

Kurt Ohberg, Atlanta

More specifics needed on time-of-use rates

In response to a guest column by Chuck Eaton (“A win-win rate for energy use,” Opinion, Oct. 22):

It is true that Georgia Power does have a time-of-use rate for electric vehicles as he described.

But after waiting two months for both the utility and the Public Service Commission to respond to requests on how this rate structure will be physically and accurately billed to the customers, there is no answer.

I purchased a Chevrolet Volt in May, saw the benefits of this rate structure and want to sign up.

However, until the utility can give a customer the basic historical and current usage data broken down into the rate categories (which change three times per day), signing up for this rate seems like a bigger leap of faith than I made in purchasing an electric vehicle in the first place.

George Howell, Roswell

Romney wrong to oppose Iraq pullout

How unpatriotic of Mitt Romney to say pulling out of Iraq was putting our victories at risk.

The mission there is accomplished and it’s time to bring our military home.

Is it Romney’s opinion that we should keep our military over in the Middle East forever — spending millions of dollars and losing American lives?

We cannot do the fighting for all the Middle East. It is time they stood up and defended themselves.

Next, Romney will be criticizing President Obama for reducing the military in Afghanistan.

Does he not realize we need that money back home in America?

Shame on you, Mitt.

Bob Huckeba, Marietta