Readers write 9/12


Panel not needed to understand problem

Regarding “Panhandling a blight on city” (Opinion, Sept. 7), it is a disgrace that Mayor Kasim Reed considers the problem of aggressive panhandling so perplexing that he needs a task force to make recommendations. What Atlantans need is a task force to study why we elect politicians who are incapable of enacting simple solutions without the need to create task forces to study a problem ad nauseam.



Changing leaders frequently is a plus

Regarding “Career politicians add to dysfunctionality” (Readers write, Opinion, Sept. 6), I couldn’t agree more witht he letter writer that career politicians may be at the heart of many pressing concerns. As long as they can keep us squabbling along party lines, we don’t pay attention to the real opponent. I’m in favor of letting politicians serve as many terms as they like — just not consecutive terms. In addition, if they do get re-elected, we should consider paying them less, so they don’t think we want them around for the long term. Consider the implications of breaking the chain. Imagine what it would be like if there were no incumbents, no one running for office while we pay their salary, no endless fundraisers — and foremost, politicians who could freely vote their consciences without fear of recrimination.



Music, not social work, will save symphony

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra will continue to crumble as long as it wastes money on faddish causes. “Educational opportunities,” “diversity,” “outreach,” “involvement” and a hundred other nebulous and expensive ideals have eclipsed the original purpose: to play music for customers who buy tickets to hear it.



Cooperation needed to create our tomorrow

Would you tell a sick child to wait to go to the hospital until the vacation credit cards are paid off? America’s workers are in trouble. Jobs (and our economic future) need to be dealt with first. With businesses cutting jobs, government cutbacks hurt workers and suppliers and fuel our downward spiral. The best way to deal with debt is to get healthy. As consumers, we want best quality for the lowest price. With the intersection of the Internet and Federal Express, outsourcing jobs to lower-paid overseas workers became easier. If Americans don’t want to live on that pay scale, we must make products where people will chose quality over price to justify a higher pay scale. Government research creates the groundwork our industries use to create profitable pharmaceutical, medical, energy-related and other needed items. America, quit squabbling. Face reality, work together and get going on creating our tomorrow.