Readers Write 8/2


Statesmen in politics would put nation first

It surely would be nice to have a few statesmen (or women) in the Senate these days.

By this, I mean people who would consider the issues that are affecting the American people, and vote their convictions instead of following the “party line” like a bunch of robots! It’s pretty amazing how every Republican decides that whatever the Obama administration proposes has got to be bad for the country. I’m waiting for the day when someone has the integrity to be willing to compromise for the good of the people. We need those kinds of senators. How long do we have to wait?

Anne F. Hughes, Decatur


We need to ask more of those seeking office

The campaign electioneering is in full bloom. Have you listened to the rhetoric, aspersions and character assassination? I think we need to ask more of our candidates (most are lawyers, and/or business people). What has led them to promise change when they can’t even produce a business plan? Why won’t they tell us the risks, what mitigation planning has been done or the return on the investment of the taxpayer dollar? No one would lend them money without demonstrating good business planning. Yet money is thrown at them with the only return on investment being their influence and promises — the influence that is ruining America.

I say: Don’t listen to the partisan politics. Listen to the sound business principles put forth in the campaigns. If the rhetoric is full of condemnation and doesn’t put forth concrete solutions and ideas, they don’t deserve our consideration.

Jim Weck, Big Canoe


Hello, new majority; meet the old majority

As the country continues to change, and as the minority becomes the majority, is there a fear that this new majority will adopt a “holier-than-thou” attitude that has prevailed so long in the American psyche? With the shoe on the other foot, is there a fear that the civil rights laws will not be enough to protect the new minority? When one has the upper hand, there is a tendency not to worry. But when you lose that sure footing, just how much worrying will be necessary? Will the old minorities seek revenge? Will the new minority arm themselves to “protect” themselves? Has the time come for the old majority to become friends with the old minority?

What will you do?

David Clarke, Buford


Press sells out and socialism sweeps in

The press has sold its journalistic souls to the socialist agenda that is being forced on the public by President Obama (even though the polls show a huge majority do not want our country moved toward this philosophy).

What system gives us more freedom: liberalism, socialism, Communism or capitalism? The answer is easy. Which system allows its people more opportunities to keep what they earn?

How can anyone argue the fact that this country has produced more; given more, and freed more people than any other in history?

Tom Gambeski, Jasper