Readers Write 6/27


Transportation issue is ’dead on arrival’

T-SPLOST is dead on arrival. Georgia’s Legislature knew that when it abdicated its responsibility. The Republicans did not want to raise taxes to pay for the needs of a Georgia mainstream community. Instead, they washed their hands of the whole affair.

Atlanta is critical not only to the local counties, but to most of Georgia.

Most people outside metro Atlanta do not trust any politician in Atlanta. All they need to do is read the AJC to learn of corruption inside the Beltline. Past Atlanta administrations and city councils have shown surrounding counties little reason for trust.

In the past 50 years of Atlanta’s history, there has been no progress for the infrastructure of Atlanta. That history is one marked by use and abuse of current assets and no real investment to maintain or plan for the future. Schools are still failing, sewers are failing, water lines are failing, streets are failing and security is failing. The politicians have failed. Atlanta is the crumbling crossroads hub of American transportation.

Who would vote to give money to another failed politician, trusting that the politician would spend that money for roads — instead of it going to his pocket?



President has nothing to do with high prices at the pump

Regarding “Relief at pump likely to continue” (News, June 23), our presidents have little to do with the price of gasoline. Nonetheless, the Republican candidates for president, including Mitt Romney, have loudly and frequently criticized and blamed President Barack Obama for high gasoline prices.

As gasoline prices have substantially dropped this summer and expect to be even lower by fall, Republicans leaders and Romney have been silent about gasoline prices. Why? They do not want to credit President Obama for the lower cost. Republicans give new meaning to the word “hypocrisy.”



Don't pass up opportunity to build others' trust in U.S.

Regarding “Tensions could escalate” (News, June 26), have we no compassion?

And if not compassion, at least some common sense? Haven’t we had too many wars lately?

Here’s our opportunity to build trust for our country, and we mock these poor, starving Koreans.

Prove our Christian values now before the world.



What kind of world are we leaving to children?

What sort of world are we leaving behind for our children and grandchildren? They shouldn’t have to deal with the mess we’ve created, and the only way to preserve a livable planet is by weaning our civilization off fossil fuels.

A revenue-neutral price on carbon — with money returned to the public — would allow us to detox without a fatal shock to our economy.