Readers Write 2/16

We must do right for folks with disabilities

Regarding “Labor Department may face makeover” (News, Feb. 11), moving vocational rehabilitation programs into DHS would make it harder for persons with disabilities to get and keep jobs.

Vocational rehabilitation’s No. 1 goal is to help people who have disabilities gain employment.

I worked as a certified rehabilitation counselor for more than 20 years. I know first-hand how hard it is to find jobs.

These individuals need access to the Labor Department’s job systems and computers.

The proposed move is not motivated by a desire to do what is right for people who have disabilities.

Carey Cox Coghill, AtlantA

Exception? It’s all in how you spin it

In the span of one week, I noticed three different nouns used to describe the same thing.

When some people don’t pay a tax that others think should have been paid, then they blame “loopholes.”

When schools were dropped from being required to comply with No Child Left Behind, it was referred to as a “waiver.”

When President Barack Obama backed off from requiring religiously affiliated employers from providing access to birth control, he called it an “accommodation.”

Apparently, one man’s bad exception is another man’s positive exception — it’s all in how you spin it.

Chuck Norton, Alpharetta

Atlanta cartoonist is the country’s best

I must disagree with the Feb. 10 letter regarding Mike Luckovich (“Luckovich takes cruel jab at Handel,” Readers write, Opinion).

I think he hit the nail on the head (as he always does).

I love how Luckovich, with a few strokes and a few words, can capture such truth.

While we claim to live in a democracy with freedom of speech, it seems that for some that freedom must not challenge their own world view.

I personally disagree quite often with the Jimmy Margulies cartoons, but I would not call those cartoons character assassination.

Luckovich is the best cartoonist the country has today, and Atlanta is lucky to have him.

I look forward to his cartoon every day.

My friends in other states check him out often on the AJC website.

Jane Foster, Grayson