Readers Write 5/31


After a terrible fall, an uplifting experience

One minute, all was fine, and the next, Atlanta’s finest EMTs were taking care of me. While visiting my grandson recently, I took a very bad fall. 911 was called, and within minutes, help arrived. All were professional, caring, and worked as a team for my benefit.

I just wanted to thank all who were involved (especially the young man who made the decision to take me to Grady Memorial Hospital). Keeping my husband close to me also meant more than you will ever know.

Marina Garrison, Oakland Park, Fla.


Winfrey weakened the scourge of racism

Of all the accolades heaped on Oprah Winfrey as she ended her talk show’s long run, one was missing. I don’t recall anyone either writing or saying the obvious: that she has done as much or more than anyone to weaken racism in our country. With the one exception of favoring Barack Obama for president, she showed no partiality in her programming, or in her comments. She showed warmth, appreciation and support to both genders and all races, and those who came to know her through her program returned the favor. She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize just as much as any politician ever did. Margaret Curtis, Atlanta


Mass transit beats cars? Prove it on paper

As I read more about the upcoming transportation tax referendum, most of what is covered concerns some of the roads and bridges that have not been updated to correspond with the growth in commuter population. There is a greater need for solving the problems of automobile congestion than a MARTA transportation system that serves maybe 4 percent of the traveling public, at someone else’s expense.

There should be an engineering economic study that shows the average travel time to and from the train station at both ends of the trip; how long travelers will wait for a train and travel time of all stops. That travel time and expense should be compared with driving a car.

Everybody’s destination is different. Their time constraints are different. So, if a 21st-century public transportation system is going to be developed, it should be capable of beating the car in total travel time and expense. It should be available to all the people, and run by private enterprise that takes the marketing risks. Only then will most drivers start to abandon their cars for a shorter travel time, and less expensive trip. Arne R. Jorgensen, Canton


Can’t protect defense from the budget ax

Over the past 60 years, the U.S. has fought several undeclared wars. Not one of these wars was financed with the sale of war bonds (as once was done). Ongoing American involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya has cost billions, and has been a huge factor behind today’s huge national debt. Nevertheless, Republicans are still pretending that domestic social justice programs are responsible for the huge national debt. Bipartisan reason must prevail — and budget cuts must be made in both social justice programs and defense. Roy Wetherington, Tifton