Readers Write 4/1


Spur line to Turner Field would be a grand slam

Those of us who ride MARTA and the shuttle to the baseball games are thrilled that the service will continue. Thank you, MARTA.

I also read of the wishes to extend some rail lines. What I didn’t see was a proposal for a spur line to Turner Field. This would eliminate the shuttle problem, take more cars off the roads and get fans and workers to the stadium in a timely fashion.

Mary Lou Brooks, Dunwoody


Politicians should focus on improving options

How is it that MARTA remains the only mass transit system in the U.S. that does not receive significant funding from the state? Is it just coincidence that Atlanta has one of the weakest mass transit systems in the country (and some of the longest commutes)?

Why do these politicians remain content with the gridlock that has plagued our area for decades? They are consumed with reducing services and reducing taxes — when they should be focused on improving our mass transit options.

Don McAdam, Sandy Springs


Obama offers clear vision of Libya mission

President Obama’s recent speech on Libya impressed me. He concisely summarized our reasons for taking part in the military action; gave a clear direction for the future as we move away from military force toward political and economic means to rid Libya and the region of a brutal dictator; and outlined global responsibilities that we cannot shirk.

I wish that Lyndon B. Johnson and George Bush had that perspective before they took us down the costly roads of Vietnam and Iraq.

Jim Watkins, Decatur


Use retirement accounts to reduce foreclosures

Since recent numbers confirm that the housing industry is not making a recovery, why not allow homeowners to make a one-time, tax-free and penalty-free withdrawal from their retirement accounts? This withdrawal would have to be used to pay down or pay off personal residences. If a mortgage is paid down, the bank would have to reamortize the remaining balance using the original interest rate and remaining time on the original mortgage.

This could help reduce the number of foreclosures. It should also stimulate the economy. And, it should give a boost to the building industry by reducing the available home inventory so we can get back to building new homes.

Theresa Beck, Hoschton


Oil, democratic reform — how will it all end?

We all have a tendency to support those people who support us. Our government reflects our feelings, most of the time. Because of this, we have supported many Middle East countries who, though supporting us, did not support our democratic principles. Now it appears that “the chickens are coming home to roost” and we are caught in a dilemma of oil, those who support us, or those in need of democratic reforms. Where will this lead us and how will it end?

David Clarke, Buford