Readers Write 07/14


Statue of Liberty, broken legal system at odds

Regarding “Those urging reform don’t live near problem” (“Readers write,” Opinion, July 12): while the writer may claim he “did not invite any illegals to this country,” the Statue of Liberty clearly states: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses ...”

Immigration restrictions put in place during the latter part of the 20th century meant that the only way the poor, huddled masses could enter this country was illegally. The immigration system is clearly broken. A nation cannot survive without an unskilled labor force. If we no longer believe in the principles inscribed at the Statue of Liberty, perhaps we should just give her back to France.

Caroline Knight, Atlanta


We need innovation, better schools to get jobs

Do we wonder why capitalists aren’t creating businesses in Georgia? We have created great tax credits for business and our corporate tax rate indicators are good. Land is inexpensive. But that is not enough.

I am not bringing my business to an area where traffic and transportation are as bad as Los Angeles. I am not bringing new jobs to a state which has a relatively low high school graduation rate, and high crime and drug use rates. I am not starting up a business where there is only a climate for old and tired ideas, and reactive and combative solutions. Republicans are hoping that we capitalists will bail you out. But if you can’t support and spend money on health care, energy and genetic research improvements, as well as crime and education reforms, there won’t be stability for business success.

Conservatism without innovation is the enemy of capitalism. Robert O’Brien, Buford


Cars, not bikes, are the real road safety hazard

Once again, I’ve read letters concerning cyclists and traffic law violations. Perhaps some are blind to the high frequency of traffic violations by automobile drivers. I routinely observe cars running stop signs; running red lights, speeding, etc.

Those violating the law in cars annually cause tens of thousands of deaths on the U.S. highways. Given that the real danger to society is automobile drivers who violate the law, it would seem far more rational if this rage was aimed at them — instead of harmless cyclists.

Scott Miller, Roswell


No debate needed for Grady CEO bonus

I read with interest “Officials debate Grady CEO bonus” (Metro, July 10). There really should be no debate. I have followed the outstanding progress of Grady Health System since the arrival of Michael Young. Taking Grady’s financial position from a loss to a surplus is just why he was brought here. If he would not have done that, he would not have a job by now. So, a bonus for a goal overachieved is appropriate. Grady serves a critical role in Atlanta that no other medical facility can perform. In addition to putting it in a strong financial posture, patient care has been improved, too. I have never used the hospital, but if I ever do need it, I want Grady to be strong, and there for my family and me.

Tom Deimler, Smyrna