Readers Write 8/31


Only Muslims can solve internal Iraqi conflict

A suicide bomber recently killed 29 people during prayers inside Baghdad’s largest Sunni mosque (“Bombing kills Sunnis in mosque”, News, Aug. 29).

Sunnis and Shiites have murdered one another in this way during the ongoing U.S. presence. Our government’s response to the killings has been more “security,” and a hope that Iraqis will peacefully share the blessings of liberty.

These strategies are misguided, and ineffective.

Suicide and murder are sins in the Muslim faith. Such acts are falsely justified by people trained to be “holy warriors.”

Only their fellow Muslims and clergy can take away this holy warrior hypocrisy, and stop the killing. American bribes and bullets are not the answer.

Tony Gardner, Cumming


Holiday time to commit our support of labor

As we head into Labor Day, it’s unsettling to reflect on the record number of attacks on workers’ rights, and the mounting economic challenges faced by working families in our community.

It’s important to remember how we got here.

Right-wing politicians have made it clear that they’d rather play politics than focus on the issues that matter to their constituents.

If they were serious about tackling the deficit, they wouldn’t be handing out tax breaks to the same executives who got our economy into this mess.

They wouldn’t be attacking collective bargaining rights.

We must urge Congress to restore balance to our economy by creating quality jobs, and defending everyone’s right to a voice at work.

Chelsea Hopper, Clarkston


Time for law banning phone use while driving

How many people have to die on Georgia roads as the result of self-absorbed people driving and talking on the phone before our state representatives pass a ban on this reckless behavior?

Every day that I drive around Atlanta, I see multiple instances of drivers weaving; driving too slow for conditions; running stop signs and red lights, etc. because they are more concerned with talking on their precious phones, instead of concentrating on driving safely.

Why don’t we already have a cell phone ban in place?

Larry Peck, Dunwoody


Honorable billionaire not corrupted by wealth

Warren Buffett recently said he did not want tax breaks.  Many in this country have great respect for Mr. Buffett and his opinion. He has clearly demonstrated that you don’t have to be greedy to be rich.

His philanthropy (and that of Bill and Melinda Gates) has been an inspiration to us all.

Of Mr. Buffett, you can rightly say, “He’s got money — but money ain’t got him.”

Thank you, Mr. Buffett.

Dan Nuckolls, Eatonton