Readers Write 9/30

‘City by the Bay’ has big lead on Atlanta

I want to share my experience after a week in San Francisco. In comparing San Francisco to Atlanta, we have a long way to go. The streets of downtown San Francisco were bursting with people having a great time, and not worrying about being mugged. Moreover, there were no eyesores while traveling through the city. This is remarkable, and should serve as an example for Atlanta. It saddens me that our downtown is full of individuals waiting to strike at those who would like to enjoy our city. That’s why I will continue to stay away, and take visitors to other parts of Georgia for entertainment and enjoyment.

Richard Alicea, Stockbridge


President is trying to iron out all the lies

When I was a boy watching cartoons, villains were easily identifiable. They lied; were scary; were mean to others, tried to obstruct people from doing good things, or were selfish and petty. Looking at this health care situation, I see some people inciting hatred and worry through misinformation and lies, to maintain a status quo benefitting few.

President Barack Obama has shown restraint against these attacks. He has demonstrated a strength of purpose for the betterment of those who are not insured, under-insured, or experience delayed or denied coverage. Some spewing the most vitriol would benefit from the president’s plan. How can this be? People are afraid. They’ve been lied to — and not by Obama. He is trying to iron out the lies.

We can be good Americans by ensuring our opinions come as close to the facts as possible. Watch a different news show. Listen to a different radio program. Read a different newspaper, or talk to someone with a different opinion. Seek out credible, objective sources — not the same old partisan talking heads.

Jeffrey Jones, McDonough


Don’t waste your space; we’ve read it already

No need for future columns by Cynthia Tucker. You can just republish one sentence from her Sept. 20 column (“A healthy start, sans the GOP,” Opinion). It sums up the gist of all her past and future columns: “Democrats are the only members whose views ought to matter.”

Walter H. Inge, Atlanta


Younger generation often lazy, unmotivated

In Cynthia Tucker’s piece, “A healthy start, sans the GOP,” she states that 60 percent of those between 18 and 34 support health care reform, while 60 percent of those over 65 oppose it. Then she questions why those over 65 oppose it, without asking why those 18 to 34 support it.

Why do the young support it? Because many of that generation are lazy and unmotivated. They know little of hard work and sacrifice, but a whole lot about getting something for nothing. They watch as the government continues to reward the looters, and punish the producers. They ask themselves, “ Why work hard when I can demand and get what I need from the government?”

If the Democrats continue down the path of taxing the “haves” to give to the “have nots,” we will continue to see more youth with their hands out, instead of their noses to the grindstone.

Jennifer Leigh, Marietta

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