Readers Write 11/17


Remember America’s troops, past and present

As a proud Desert Storm veteran, I find it tragic that so many of my fellow Americans view Nov. 11 as just another day off work. I lost friends as a result of Vietnam, and I made a promise to their families that they would never, ever be forgotten. With wars on two fronts, it’s time for all Americans to remember the true meaning of Veterans Day. As we near the holidays, please keep our deployed troops and their families in your prayers. Send a care package, or donate to a program that supports our troops and veterans, like VFW Operation Uplink ( Remember those who have fought for your freedom! LeRoy Garcia, Lawrenceville


Atlanta: Give us roads we can be proud of

I am an admitted suburbanite. But I have an affinity and affection for Atlanta, and want to be proud of it.

I recently enjoyed some of the amenities downtown Atlanta offers, but the enjoyment was mitigated due to the deplorable road conditions. The bone-jarring trip was a wake-up call — literally and figuratively. I had no idea how our city’s transportation infrastructure had declined.

I realize Atlanta perhaps has more urgent issues to tackle. However, the way a supposedly great city physically presents itself has a bearing on perception — and investment — by outsiders. I hope that new leadership will find funds through more effective management policies ... and other means to resurrect the “pothole posse,” and at least attempt to make the deplorable roads drivable.

Michael L. Shaw, Stone Mountain


Brother’s bad situation could have been avoided

My brother recently had a debilitating stroke. Having worked full time as a security guard for the same company for many years, he had no health coverage or sick time and no vacation. That he managed to work and support himself is a story in itself, as he has a developmental disability. That he is now debilitated is a failure of our health system. His situation, which now requires Medicaid and Social Security disability, could have been avoided with regular, preventative health checks, and medication to control his blood pressure. The public option would have cost far less to my brother, family and taxpayers than the result of its absence.

Betsy Vonk, Lawrenceville


Democrats are putting themselves out on a limb

While Democrats press on with their health care reform bill, they should ask themselves three questions. Since this effort is overwhelmingly a Democratic-led effort, are they willing to absorb the blame that will begin in 12 to 18 months, as people realize they’re being charged for something they won’t yet be able to receive? Will they be able to handle the criticism from the inevitable goof-ups, like the H1N1 vaccination shortage? Do they realize the risk of becoming a permanent minority party over the fact that the program won’t deliver as promised? Once their program fails to deliver (and it will), voters will seek revenge.

The assumption by the Democrats that passing health care will lead to a generation in power is only valid if they deliver something better than we have now.

Gary O’Neill, Marietta