Readers Write 3/16

State of public funds in wrong hands

Regarding “Funds for defrauded homeowners diverted by state,”, March 11), I had to think what our state will do with, for example, grants to manage our Medicaid. Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.

Phil Davis, Powder Springs

Be cautious with coyote conservation

The letter on coyotes “Treat them like the killer vermin they are,” (Opinion, March 12,) was blatantly incorrect.

Yes, coyotes are wild, but attacks on humans are rare. One death is attributable to coyotes about every 10 years.

Comparing a coyote to a child molester is outrageous. Perhaps one might compare a rabid animal to a child molester — as they are both sick.

I don’t know that I support protection for coyotes in urban areas. As a pet owner, I have concerns. Overall, I think having coyotes around is likely beneficial, but we probably also don’t want their numbers to become excessive.


Massacre underscores overworked U.S. forces

Regarding the alleged attack by a soldier on 16 Afghans, my primary concern is for this person’s family. I have seen too many stories of individuals serving more than three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I served two tours in Vietnam. Rarely did anyone spend more than two tours.

Somehow, the DOD has missed the boat and will not admit that the military does not have adequate ground troops to serve just one or two tours of duty. Reserve units have had to also serve more than three tours.

There are too many horror stories being told by these troops concerning their medical conditions after leaving the Middle East. The medical condition of these troops needs to be looked at more closely.

Roger Ware, Norcross

Workers right to use benefits as they see fit.

If I were employed by a Southern Baptist organization, could they prohibit me from spending the salary they paid me on alcohol? Could they refuse to let me take my paid vacation to go to Las Vegas and gamble? Job benefits (although funded by the employer) belong to the employee to use as he or she sees fit.

Angela Simpson, McDonough

Candidates to quick to beat drums of war

Mike Luckovich gets it right with his Iran war drums cartoon (Opinion, March 13).

And regarding the “campaign flatulence” in Mary Sanchez’s column, “Romney ad shows hollow character of front-runner” (Opinion, March 13), one has to wonder what planet the candidates are on. Do they not remember war’s horrors? Are they ready to send themselves and their children into another war? Do they think we are really that stupid?

Patricia Evans, Mountain Park