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Bosses shouldn’t limit

women’s birth control

If the Supreme Court rules in Hobby Lobby’s favor regarding a dispute about coverage of certain forms of birth control, it could lead to a slippery slope where bosses could deny more than your vacation request; they could deny your access to contraception, or other health care they disapprove of.

Virtually all American women use birth control at some point in their lives. Birth control ultimately assists them in pursuing careers, completing their education, managing their health and planning their families.

Some companies are suing to take away a benefit millions of women have already accessed because they want to put their beliefs between women and their doctors. Health care is the most personal decision anyone can make. Your boss shouldn’t be able to deny you access — or coverage for the care you need.



‘New’ jobs overstated,

traffic issues ignored

Regarding “Braves move benefits Cobb, Atlanta region” (Opinion, Nov. 25), employment numbers used to push for the new stadium don’t take into account this isn’t a new employer moving in. Jobs will be moved from downtown to Cobb County. Players, coaches and front office staff are in place. The only jobs Atlanta will lose, and Cobb will gain, are jobs like parking attendants, concession stand workers and custodial staff.

While a bridge connecting the venue to the Cobb Galleria Centre might allow some pedestrians to access the stadium, suggesting this as a way to alleviate parking issues ignores the fact that the Galleria and Cumberland use their own parking lots — and will probably not have extra spaces.

Westbound traffic on I-285 is horrific every afternoon. Because the three right lanes back up, the left lanes get jammed with people trying to jump the line. People trying to exit onto Cobb Parkway, and those heading to I-75 southbound, must share the exit with others.

Cobb County power brokers are justifiably proud of wresting a jewel from Atlanta’s crown, but they seem to have taken leave of their senses when it comes to employment, parking and traffic issues.


Too much secrecy,

too many giveaways

It is appalling that the deal to move the Atlanta Braves to Cobb County was done in such secrecy. Even more appalling is that the Cobb County Board of Commissioners is willing to offer up a large financial package (in part, at least) at taxpayer expense.

A countywide referendum should have been done. Many problems exist with this move, and there should be input from the entire Atlanta metropolitan area.